Welcome to the spot Randwick

The Spot is a comfortable walk east of the University of New South Wales campus and is even closer to the Randwick Health campus

Those wanting to escape the blandness of campus food
can find great international variety at The Spot
at reasonable prices.

Featured Eatery

The Spot Heritage 

Our heritage defines
us as a community.

history & heritage

Getting to The Spot

Getting to the Spot
Ways of Getting to the Spot

Academic & Edu

The education system in Australia is open to all people. It offers an opportunity for all ages...


Medical Services

The Eastern Suburbs Area Health Service has integrated its hospital and community health services...

Randwick Sports Coast  

The Sports Coast

Randwick City offers a huge range of activities for visitors of all interests and sporting abilities.

To eastern suburbs residents; to students staff and visitors to the campuses, we say...

Visit The Spot and enjoy – You will want to come again.

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