Alana Healthcare for women

Care is delivered to you in an atmosphere that is friendly, harmonious and respectful, emphasising leading-edge knowledge, technology and research. Alana is the collaboration of a growing team of associated health and allied professionals who share a similar philosophy, work ethic and patient-focused approach.

We chose to call our practice Alana because of the richness of meaning this woman’s name has in an array of world cultures. From Hispanic to Hawaiian, from Celtic to Greek, the concept that the name encapsulates – The Light Within – expresses our philosophy of ‘illuminating women’s health’.

Contact Details

  • Address: 48-50 St Pauls Street Randwick  2031
  • Telephone: 9009 5255     
  • Fax:  9009 5244
  • E-mail Alana Health Care
  • Web Address: http://www.alanahealthcare.com.au
Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday